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      We manufacture the finest helicopters in the world.

      The FH1100 is a proven design. Serving the aviation industry for over forty years, it is now available for sale worldwide.

      The FH1100 is powered by the Rolls-Royce 250 C20-B engine with over 250 million flight hours and more than 16,000 engines in service.

      • Police
      • Customs
      • Border Patrol
      • Military
      • Fire
      • Coast Guard
      • Forestry
      • Agricultural Spraying
      • Flight Training
      • EMS - Air Ambulance
      • ENG

      Lowest Operating Cost:

      Lowest operating cost of any helicopter in its class.

      First as Air Ambulance

      The FH1100 was the first light-turbine helicopter to offer an airborne ambulance configuration.

      Global Customers

      The FH1100 has been delivered to customers located around the globe.

      Customers who have purchased the FH1100 include the U.S. General Services Administration, Royal Thai Border Police (Thailand), Klondike Helicopters, Ltd., and Okanagan Helicopter, Ltd., British Columbia. Nassau County Police Department, California Highway Patrol, Louisiana State Police, New Jersey State Police, Virginia State Police, Columbus, Georgia municipal police department, Baltimore City Police, Puerto Rico and South American Police departments and the Brazilian Navy.

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      Find the nearest dealer or Factory-Approved Service Center



      E- mail us at:
      sales@fh1100.com for more information on the FH1100.














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